” Oh Chiquita!  I love you, you know… I cant believe you are so young and so loving doing these kind of job. “ she said to me as we drove off in my car. I had met her just a few months ago, and somehow, she has really adored me.

” You’ve got a degree, you could’ve done so many other things, but you didnt… you know… it’s very touching. ” 

I didn’t know how to reply her, so I just smiled.

” Thank you… “

In my mind, I could hear the ego speaks…

” … or maybe, she is just trying to escape and find the easy way out. She’s just a weakling… ” 


I never believe the good I have done or contributed by following the path that I followed. For the longest time that I could remember, I have always doubt myself and said, time and time again… that this is perhaps, more than I would ever admit it, some kind of escape… A deviation from what I know some other great things I am capable of doing.

I never believe nor understand the power of my own actions and words… I don’t believe the words and praises she told me. It sounds good, but I don’t think it really applies to me… I think it’s just a bunch of wonderful flattery put together.

” Chiquita… you know, you are a lucky person… They said when you are born in dates that add up to 5 then you are lucky… so like you, born on 14th, 1+4 is 5… or someone born 23rd… “ she proceeded to tell me her beliefs after she asked about my birthday.

Since then, her words have always stuck with me; they set me off to a long winded trail of the memories of how my life has unfolded.


” Am I Lucky? “  I would keep asking myself.


And today, is one of those days that her words ring through my mind.

” Lucky? Heck! I am fucking Blessed! That’s what I am. I am B L E S S E D. ” 

” I don’t know what I do right, or wrong… But I know I am very B L E S S E D. Thank You! Thank GOD! “ I hear those whispers in my ears again.


2 thoughts on “B L E S S I N G

  1. Luck is just noticing opportunities and then taking advantage of them. I’m glad you feel blessed. So many walk through life being less grateful for what they have and more frustrated with what they don’t have. You just have to believe in yourself and have confidence. You just have to know that you have an important role in society and you have the potential to do so many good things.

    By the way, my birthday is coming up and I wanted to know if I could request a craft project to be done for me? Of course, I will pay for your work =). I still love the pig you made for me and would love to own another of your creations. Let me know if that’s cool with you! If you’re cool with this, I’ll let you know what I hope you could create for me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy!
      It’s wonderful to hear from you 🙂
      I would be thrilled to make something for you again! Let me know what you’ve got in mind about the new creation 🙂 You can send extra info through my gmail email account. Btw when is your birthday??
      Thanks for your comment too!

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