‘ Just write. ‘  I hear the whispers for days now.

‘ But how should I take these trails of thoughts? ‘

A self-dialogue continues in my mind for days and days when moments of conciousness brought me to a deep reflective thinking.

I shall write. I don’t know where to begin, but I will begin by writing. I will begin, now.

It always starts with a question.

‘ What is enough for you? Is this moment enough for you? You had a fulfilling job before, but that wasn’t enough because you decided, it didn’t pay enough….. And now… now you are thrown back to the bottom of the ladder again… to find, re-define, what is you, what is enough for you, how you want to build you… ‘

‘ Is this constant change necessary? Or does it result from your lack of determination and self-disciplined to keep at it with the same ‘routine’? After all, you understand there is no short-cut to success. You ‘feel’ you are bored with the routine, but have you perfected yourself and your skill? Why not disciplined yourself to keep seeing everyday differently… that everyday is not a routine… that you make a difference in different ways each day. Why are you bothered with boredom? Are you correct to diagnose your attitude as boredom? Perhaps, it was something else? Perhaps, you just needed a different perspective of life; the real, true, honest outlook on life… ‘

Where shall I take my life? Where shall I take myself?

Always a moment of doubt,,,


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