t h r e e p o s i t i v e s

… a day


Today I met up with my old supervisors at the community health service where I used to do work placements at.

It was definitely good to re-connect again. Took awhile to finally set up the lunch meeting because J was coming along as well and she has been pretty busy with her job hunting and everything else in between. It’s a start of another networking that will hopefully go somewhere… if not now then some time down the track. You never know what will happen, who will help you or who will open doors. They are practically in the industry where I would like to further my career in right now.


Dropped by and am at Riet’s place right now. Trying to get some quiet time.

The sound of big yellow machine next to my room is driving me insane! But here is good. Plenty of natural light, cool airy place and most of all peacefulness.

Quiet time trying to unravel some of the monologue in my head that just keeps rolling around.


At this stage, it’s a competition between… not getting a parking ticket even though I had parked overtime and discovering that I still have not killed Riet’s indoor plant… haha.



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