H O W H Y ?


another big year

a mountain of new life revelations 

bittersweet things in life. 


how do i want to lead this life, my life? 


i want to be true to my soul. 

i dont want to just live this life following the society’s norms and already set rules

not because i really strive to be different and want to stand out, no, not that… even though, maybe there’s a lil of that to start with… 

but it… this life… the way the world works, the social cycle… it just doesn’t move my soul. in fact, it kills and suffocates me. 

it leaves my soul stunned, stranded, paralyzed… and i hate this way of living. 

i want to set my soul free.

but to do that, it also requires to go through a great deal of suffering, confusion and defeats… 


i feel defeated. 

truly, i have no idea where i am going, what i am to do and how i am going to do it… 

i have no idea that such dream of a soul-ful life would be possible for me because…. all around people have to cope with this already set social norms… 

i am scared. 


i want to work smarter, not harder. 

i want to touch lives and let my life be touched and enriched. 

i want to forgive and let go of all the worries.

i want to be me. i want to just be, not do, be. Be me. Be alive.


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