It is strange; to blog here. There is no audience, no community, no common readership.

I don’t know where to find the same xanga community I once belonged to, anymore. There was anonymity, but also, community feel to it… where you can share your darkest inner monologue… or read others’ darkest inner monologue and be so intrigued. Raw writing at its best.

I have been so lost now, for years without this community. If anyone who was from Xanga read this, please let me know, if there are some Xangan who still manage to blog and share…

It was strange, that out of the blue, I stumbled upon… kindness and high spirited beings. As if they were just placed in front of me, to ensure that I see, for myself… it is all in the mind, and in the action… the attitude towards life.

E and I went out for dinner after mass last weekend, to this local Vietnamese place… we always thought of going to but never end up going… The place was so small, there was hardly space for the 15 or so people who dine inside… everyone is squeezed-in snuggly… So, we decided to have take-away instead.

It was what follows after that surprises both of us.

Our meal only cost us $20. After ordering, the manager at the cashier proceeded to give us 2 glasses filled with ice cubes; and pointed at the row of “free” 2L Schweppes drinks… And then, she also produces 2x ice cream sticks and gave it to us. We were gobsmacked, puzzled looks on our faces… We accept the kindness and gifts happily.

20 minutes later, we got our food, we paid…

Then the lady proceeded to give us a 2L bottle of  Schweppes drink (albeit already opened by other patrons, but still FULL) and another 2 ice cream sticks.

We both looked and her and said; “Oh… we just had ice creams already…”

But she insisted, and literally placed those ice creams, drink and our take-away food all in a bundle. “It’s weekend, it’s late, it’s ice-cream, just have it!”

So, okay. This place makes the world a better place… Not sure what was happening there, but it leaves us with positive energy. I am still puzzled by their decision to do so. Not sure what drives them to do it… but really, why do I have to always question everything? Why not just enjoy and bathe in the kindness and generosity?


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