Immensely strong

It still continues to amaze me just how strong my body is… how much pain and discomfort it can endure and still adapt to the point that discomfort and pain becomes the norm……… until someone touches you and you realize, gee… everything is kind of sore and stiff.

I went to have a massage tonight after work. It has probably been a month or even longer since I had one. The other day, I was just thinking to myself just how good I feel now…. that I seem to not need those regular massage or osteo visits anymore…. But how wrong was I!!!

As I laid down and the massage proceeded, I realized just how tense my right shoulder and neck are. My masseuse is a small Thai lady, but she’s almighty powerful…. even she was struglling to straighten out all the knots and curls on my shoulders and neck…. towards the end of the 30mins session, she asked me if I wanted to extend the massage for another 15mins… I thought she was reading my mind… I didnt know if it was OK because some nights they are very busy. But, I asked;

“Would it be OK?”

“Let me ask!” she answered and went out to ask the manager about the schedule in Thai…

The stars must be aligned because she came back and I had an extra 15mins of Rosie kneading and stretching my sore and knotted muscles.


God bless her!!

I still probably need another session in a week’s time. But, I feel a whole lot lighter after the massage.


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