My body, my temple

I want to graciously thank my body. 

Thank you for getting me through tremendously long days… For carrying on even when you feel fatigue and exhausted from all the havoc that Lupus has made within us. 

Maybe it is my fault, maybe it is not… The fact that my immune system has started attacking my own self… But whatever the cause, you are still here. You still fight with me and for me. Every single day, every single minute and second… There is disarray and yet you also create miracles. Because I am still Alive. So much Alive. 

Thank you so so much. 

It’s a promise that I have carried out since I was diagnosed with Lupus 18 months ago. 

My body is my temple. I would follow its religious desires and urges. I will not ignore, shut it down and tell it to put up with things that will hurt our trinity: my mind, spirit and flesh.


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