I had quite a manic Friday at work today. We were short-staffed again… And late morning, my supervisor had to leave urgently as she received a call from her daughter’s school telling her that her daughter is suspected to have broken her ribs…

Friday is normally a busy day for me anyway because both of my clinics are running on the day and a lot of surgical bookings come through. But today, Lou was away as well and there were some urgent businesses that needed attending from ENT clinics. So, I had to step in as well. 

The hecticness excited me. I felt good getting things done. But….. my body was certainly feeling the pressure too. 

As the afternoon rolled in,my Raynaud’s became a lot worse. Both my hands were turning blue and super duper icy… Normally, it would just be the finger tips, this time the iciness affected almost the whole length of my fingers and a bit of my palms. I tried to run them under warm water a few times, when I had the chance to sneak out to the bathroom. It only helped a little bit. 

By late afternoon, things were slowing down a little….. But I started feeling feverish. 

I decided to walk out of my cubicle and took an afternoon walk. Normally, I would walk around the neighbourhood; opting for further distance to boost up the steps count on my Garmin… But today, the Cathedral drew me in. 

“Come visit inside my womb… It’s warm…it’s dark… but full of light”

“Come, dear, come….. ”

And so, instead of walking around the block, I crossed the street and went straight into the Cathedral. 

As soon as I am inside, I could smell the Frankincense in the air. It was deeply peaceful and quiet, as many tall-ceilinged buildings are….. There is a certain kind of silence that tall, magnificent buildings possess… And I yearn for that. 

The lights and rays that came through the stained glass windows were infusing me with warmth. 

I sat with my eyes closed and tried to deep breathe the peace, the holy and the spirit. 

It wasn’t long enough.

I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

But being there lifted and calmed my soul again.

I believe it strengthened my body, preparing it for another hurdle; to stay alert and awake for the long drive home.

When I returned to my desk, magically… one of the patients I have had difficulty contacting, picked up the phone… Strangely, I could sense that he was going to pick up the phone this time round of dialling… and he did. I was able to complete the booking before I left work tonight. 

So blessed. So grateful… for all the tiniest magical moments each day brings me. 


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