Sometimes, during my strongest moments… I do realize my feminine spirit and how it attracts and drawn people. I never want to believe it, because I have always sufferred from low self-esteem growing up. But, these days it’s a different story.

As I have grown stronger intrinsically, as I am able to appreciate and believe in myself and my worth… During the strongest days when I feel grounded and rooted in my spirit, I exude love,grace and kindness.

At these moments… I do receive cheeky glances with the most wondrous smiles.

I think I have mistaken these glances of appreciation with genuine interest and attraction.

But, I am not the only one who is wrong.
My boss has also mistaken this glance.

One time last week, I was sitting beside her at a work event when one of the doctors walked across and we both greeted each other.

When he left, she teased me and said; “I think he likes you.”

I said; “Noooooooooo… He’s just friendly!!!”

She said; “No. But he smiled at you more…” she deliberately put an emphasis on saying “you” to my face.

I felt uncomfortable at this comment and brushed her off;

“Stop teasing me, Immi!” I told her off.

Being an intuitively sensitive person, I do notice his glances every now and then when he comes to visit our office. But I refused to acknowledge this truth.

You know why?

Because that is how I fell for T.

He greeted me with the most sincere smiles in many occassions… And I felt drawn to him. It was a smile and a greeting that was kind and friendly, at a time when my world was dark and full of hurt and grief.

I need to gratefully accept these cute and cheeky glances that show their appreciation for my positive energy and spirit,,, and let it go. No further interpretation.

There is another thing I need to learn really well.

That is to believe that I am not lower than anyone else, no matter what their prestigous occupation or social status is.

I need to believe that I am just as valuable and interesting as the next doctor/lawyer/executive/business people. I need to treat them all the same, because this is how I can slowly learn to speak confidently, create interesting conversations at any occasions. Then, and only then, can I continue to create stronger, more wide-reaching relationship and friendship across humanity.

That is my ultimate goal for the new year.

Being attracted to T has revealed this important lesson for me. At times, I feel so small and unworthy. But I know this is only my ego talking. It doesn’t matter that he is an aspiring surgeon, at the very core, he is just like you and me. A human being with valuable intrinsic worth, speckled with his own quirkiness and imperfections. Just like you and me.

So don’t feel small, my love… I hear the Beloved whispered to my ear.

Because you are vast and deep and so full of love, there is no greater value than that.


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