. : R e b i r t h : .

Endings and beginnings.

December has been one of my favourite months for sometime now. More so because there are a lot of opportunities for craft and baking ideas, but also, a lot of time to reflect on my journey and my growth.

So much happened in 2016. I couldn’t believe how I could’ve gone through it with such courage and so much heart. I am amazed at my body’s, soul’s and spirit’s ability to cope with them all… and more over, the healing ability that accompanies each surrender and release of control.

I have gained so much awareness on my inner life and health and the Universe’s magic dynamic last year and I am excited to deepen my understanding and practice this year.

2017 will be a big big year again. So much have been planned in-store for me. I hope for the best. I hope for strength and endurance. I hope not to become complacent and to always, always be in-tune with my body… there are so much to learn… but even so, I need to know when my body needs rest.

Slow and steady. 

Time is not your enemy.

All desires, dreams and urges will be achieved. In. Time. 

I will continue my pledge and promise. Follow every urges and desires that excite me, even when in the end, my heart will ache and bruise…..

As for romance,,, let it come forth when it is suppose to.

I believe the time will come for love and romance to flourish in my life. I believe it even with my aching aching heart. I know for sure, he is just having the same journey as I am now… but one day our path will crossed for sure.


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