Stranger dreams

I had a very vivid and strange dream last night.

I’ve been reading this book on the manifestation of your intention… In the book, the writers believe in the teachings of Abrahams. It basically tells you that whatever you are thinking about, whether conciously or subconsciously, the Universe reacts to it. So, even if you say you are not bothered by certain action, but your body and deepest emotions is affected in a negative way by this action… Your subconscious thoughts and projections are still negative and in turn, more negative things will attract and present to your life. It’s very much the basis to the Laws of Attractions…

So, obviously, we can’t all think positively 100% of the time… Instead, when you feel and notice negative feelings rising up within you, ask yourself; what can I do to have the good-feeling vibe filling me instead of negativity? 

By asking this question, our mind, our ego, will be triggered to try to think of more positive ways to project the situations in our head… And this, in turn, will attract more positive thoughts and feelings and so-on.

We all know, Maya always try to throw us in the deep end and keeps us in misery. But this is one way we can try to get out of it and be in a more positive energy.

So,,, I thought I would try this on T.

I have been having bad vibes when I think about him, largely because of my own low self-esteem.

Last night whilst lying in bed, getting ready to sleep; I asked myself that question: what can I think about to make me feel good about T?

My mind wanders to the events that unfolded earlier last year,,, the smiles and the friendly banters we shared. It wasn’t flirty, it wasn’t unprofessional. It was very light hearted and friendly. It was gentle. It was funny.

So, I came back to goodness and started falling asleep.
Very late into the early morning, at the end of my strange nightmare of trying to save this little kid who lives with a creepy, single, middle-aged uncle… In an old home…. My dream switched into an email… From T…
I have drafted an email for him that I’ve kept for a few weeks now. I typed it because I thought it would helped me to let go of him from occupying my mind. But obviously it hasn’t worked.

I haven’t sent this email yet. I’ve saved it as a draft on my email.

But in my dream, he replied to my email, with a specific instruction of where we are suppose to meet.
When I woke up… I realized just how powerful our minds and intentions are. This dream puts me in a better mind space, even when it was only a dream.
Anyway, will be updating when the real answer comes.

Is the Universe watching?

Is the Universe anticipating?



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