f r e e

I wouldn’t say that I am religious.

But Spirituality goes beyond any religious teachings, race, heritage, cultural background, gender or age.

Spirituality is not “New Age” belief.

Spirituality is vast and deep and universal.

There are many ways one can reach that deep, still silence that radiates from within. There are many ways one can achieve Zen, or Bliss… There are many ways one can “meet” God, or, my preference these days would be to call it the Beloved… You can tell I’ve been gorging on too much Persian poetries.

I suppose the Zen masters or Holy men and women, or the Shamans and Gurus would be able to reach and be in this blissful state at any moment of their disposal….. We, the ordinaries, would experience it once in a blue moon… and then, with practice of being present,,, perhaps we could be like them too.

I believe that the ultimate goal of any religious teachings or esoteric traditions and ritual is to teach the ordinaries like us the way to harness the absolute power of our soul…. to harness the Spirit.

Because at that moment,,, like today…

One experience Bliss; a tremendous peacefulness within one’s soul, despite any extraordinary changes in one’s outer environment.

Time stops. It doesn’t matter what you are doing… how you physically look like… Nothing matters because you know the ultimate truth; which is that everything is connected and alive; everything you can see is an illusion of the mind; that it’s the unseen that you should really follow;

that you are precious,

that you are Love,

that you are,,, essentially God,,,

and you just have to Be.

Not DO…..


Just Be.

You are F R E E.


So grateful for these moments today.


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