Had a terrible weekend, family fights.

Even until now, my mind is still dwelling on it.

My whole body has been tensed, my muscles knotted… the usual spots. My body is suffering because my emotions wreck havoc all the harmony and allignments.

I had a massage today, didn’t think I could last another day without it.

My heart is aching so much… from years and years of disappointment,,, of the person whom I have to call my father. There are worse fathers out there….. but really, when you become a parent, one should try to understand or at least learn just how much hurt and damage one can caused an innocent soul,,, who are made out of you,,,

One should be aware of one’s power as a parent, over the health of mental, emotional and thus physical well-being of one’s child…

And that the development of one’s child’s personality is greatly affected by one’s behaviour and relationship with each other.

Anyway,,, I  will purge my heart out more on this topic later.

I am so exhausted now. Work has been hectic too. I know I wasn’t  breathing properly today…. my breath was short and shallow,,, my whole being tensed.

Feeling blue and grey…..

Been praying for strength….. so far, so good. I am still alive, albeit, feeling defeated by fatigue and plaqued by aches and pain.


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