Come again

This little gem is now my sanctuary.

Friday afternoon, the sun was shining, though there was cool breeze softly brushing my hair.

I stood by the crossing and contemplated whether I should go straight home.

A moment of silence,,, but I heard the trees calling,,,

“Come again…”

I wasn’t sure why, but on Friday… all the colours look so much more vivid to me. It wasn’t a crazy rush of bliss… It felt like a gentle peace radiating, immersing and pulsing softly from the sky, the air, the trees… through me.

I found a quiet, shady spot to sit and then I looked up and just admire the trees… the wind was ever so gently caressing the leaves,,, and you can hear this soothing swish-swish sound.

Many thoughts came to me… but I just listen to them and smile. Smile because it’s funny to hear all the judgements made… everything sounds too serious… but they are not me.

I saw a few little brown leaves started their flight down to earth… showing the first signs of autumn. The leaves’s dance show… it’s now their time to give back to the earth beneath… Nature’s cycle of life.

I started feeling the migraine as I walked back to my car… little did I know, it was going to turn into a violent one when I got home.

I tried to rest,,, hoping it will go away. But we were going out for dinner… so I braved it and took some Neurofen. It didn’t get better though… I should’ve stayed at home. We arrived at the restaurant but as soon as I sat down, I told my brother, we need to just get a take away, I am feeling really sick.

The moment I stepped out of the restaurant towards the car… my body couldn’t handle it anymore… I vomited then and there at the carpark…


Fuck you Lupus!!!

I think the sun sensitivy has started to get worse. Although it was quite a breezy and cool afternoon… I did get some heat from the sun as I walked back to my car… And I think that’s why the migraine started to get worse.

Anyway, felt shitty for ruining my family’s dinner plan… but Thank God for them,,, my family has been my anchor in dealing with Lupus.

Anyhow…. I live for another day!!! Woo-hoo!!!



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