So,,, about 3 weeks after the last email, He replied and apologized for being slack at the request for a meet-up.

The reply came as a shocked because I thought he was the type that would just smoothly sneaked under the radar and pretend nothing was ever asked and just forget about it.

Afterall, he no longer works at the same hospital and with having different profession, we are highly unlikely to ever be crossing each other’s path again.

So, it was a surprise that he did reply.

There was no intension to reschedule the coffee date though. Which is fine. I took the bite and it hurt, I moved on. Slowly.

It took me a few days, but I wrote back an extensive reply explaining all I ever wanted to say to him if we were ever to catch-up face to face.  It was something I  needed to say much more than anything else.


At the end of the email, I gave him my number and told him it was another way for him to reply. Somewhere in the story, I learned of his lack of typing skills, so I figured he probably hated replying emails. My last sentence though, I said, I’ve said all that I wanted to say, so let’s leave it at that.




Haha. Very.

I never thought I would ever done that.

Anyway, I  was very happy with that comeback. Content with whatever outcome I will find out from that…..

But today walking home,,, I suddenly caught myself thinking about him and actually close my eyes and trying to see his face smiling at me; kindly, widely.

It’s a strange sensation.


Let go now…


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