I feel the need to write, but things keep getting in the way… nothing ends up written anywhere.

I made a silly decision today to wash my car… it was a sunny day, what would otherwise be a beautiful summer day for a lot of people… it was not for a Lupie like me.

Washing was alright. There was shade. But when I moved on to vaccumming the car, it got really hot… I was sweating because of my long sleeves outfit and hat for sun protection. It was only about 2.5 minutes… but obviously I couldn’t stand the heat…. I felt very sick from then on. Hot and feverish. My muscles are burning. Lethargy setting in.

I managed to drive a few suburbs away to get my haircut… but when I came back to my car I found someone had scratched my front bumper as they reversed out of their parking. Realizing this really made me feel like the day is just not going well at all… but I really don’t even have anymore energy to be angry or mad. I just secretly wished that it didn’t happen because there’s so much on my plate lately….

Luckily the driver left me a note. So it wasn’t hit and run… the husband picked up the phone when I called the number. It seems we might be able to arrange something…

I was lucky. I am lucky. I might be the luckiest girl alive.

I was still able to drive to my local grocer and picked a few essentials for next week… then safely arrived home.

It’s been exhausting for my body.

I need rest.

Let me rest…


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