Let the room speaks

Oh dear, oh dear…

Look at that wrath

on your face


Full of judgement
You came in here with your hands on your hips, 
with your menacing eyes, scanning from corner to corner,
You try to pick on each furniture and decide their fate…
“The Tip!!!!!” 
Your lips won’t say it, but I hear all that your mind speaks
Soften that face now
Straighten your frown
My furnitures belong here, they are free to occupy my space
You resonate with them with so much fury, dear, because they remind you of the chunky, pointy, odd-shaped part of your life journey that make you feel out-of-place, isolated and ugly.
And a riddance of them, you think, to be replaced with something shiny, new and stylish… would put you back in a place of beauty.
But profound beauty is only discovered when you can extract the function that each serves
Chunky is strong,
Chunky protects you from storm,
Chunky keeps you standing still when the Northern Wind blows.
Soften that face now,
Straighten your frown,
The furnitures stay, 
they belong,
you belong,
we own our home.
Just some writing I’ve done recently which I’ve kept offline…

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