broken window

The tall mole guard crept up behind floppy-eared bunny and accused her;
“You’ve broken the stained glass window of our precious blue cart…who knows how many eggs were stolen!” 
Petrified, bunny tried to defend herself.
By this time, there is a commotion surrounding her. They gathered around the rental cart, showing her how devastating the damage was and how much this will cost her.
Exhausted and filled with fear, she knew the window was not broken when she came a few days ago to rent the cart.
But really, the broken window was not her fault.
She had returned to the parked cart after picking up more supplies at the Parisienne Chocolatier, when she found that someone had maliciously broke the window and stole the last of her speckled Easter egg, costing her at least four baskets of purple carrots!
This whole ordeal destroyed bunny.
She has lost so much.
All her energy spent, her body limp and she began to sob…
“ Why has a stream of bad luck followed me? “ she asked.
Feeling helpless, she found herself whispering a prayer…a plead…as she looked up the cloudy morning sky.
“ So… Show me how You would resolve this? “
The truth is that it wasn’t her fault and yet she is also not in any position to defend herself because all evidence are pointing at her; the damage was done while the cart was under her care.
They let her cry in the corner while the man owner of the Carrot Cart Rental was called to judge the situation.
As she waited and sobbed, she heard a different voice, a benevolent one:
“ Your only chance is the mercy and generosity of a human being… “
The human owner arrived to assess the damage of his cart.
The cart was quite precious; the stained glass windows were intricately designed by the local artist, there is no other cart like it in town. But the actual cart itself is worn and old fashion. The wheels wobble and creak with each turn.. this cart has already had its glory. It is now time to purchase a new model for the business.
The man turned to bunny…
Go home. Forget about this. Don’t worry about the cart. You can go.
       Mercy; when compassion touches a wise man’s heart.
With tears still streaming down her face, bunny bowed to the man owner, too speechless to thank him. As she slowly walked her path home, she felt a ray of light illuminating a tiny corner at the center of her chest – grace.

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