I’m not quite sure what is happening inside of me currently, but for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been feeling like a fraud.

I’ve really become extremely judgemental about myself.

Questioning my intentions on every single thing that I do, including but not pertaining to the fundraising.

I think, YES, I was greatly disappointed with the outcome. I had thought that more bags would be given away all at the same time, or that at least I would only be left with a third or something like that. But instead, I am left with three quarters of what I have… and I don’t really know where else I would go and look for support?

Even embarking on the first journey and fundraising the first time, I felt really bad and really small at times… because I am so not used to receiving help or asking for donations….


I dont know, really.

I need help. And a lot of courage and humility.

And time and energy to do it all.

Got to do it slowly of course, no matter how quickly I want it to be done and dusted… that’s not how it is going to be.

Show me your way.


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